Our Story

A Love for Bridal is Our Story

Savilerow wedding Boutique

Savilerow Wedding Boutique offers a specially curated selection of deeply romantic, exceptionally elegant, and stunning high-class wedding dresses from designers, private labels, and specialty boutique collections from around the world.

Our Bridal Gowns are exclusive to The Studio and the Brides we serve, crafted by the best specialty wedding dress makers in the world and equivalent to the most highly regarded brand labels.

A place where Brides can find that unique and stunning wedding dress not found elsewhere.

Our devotion to providing fashion forward style, highest-quality fabrications, perfect alterations and unparalleled customer service at a comfortable cost brings a commitment to our brides to find their dream wedding dress.

Our beautiful selection of Bridal Gowns is always changing so just visit the Studio and the Stylists will be glad to help you with the dresses

Our Mission

Build the best product that creates the most value for our customers, use business to inspire and implement environmentally friendly solutions.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every single day across our services.

Our Gowns

Savilerow wedding Boutique

Savilerow Wedding Boutique features  beautiful high-class wedding dresses in a variety of styles and silhouettes. We offer Brides designer gowns ranging from elegant and classic to contemporary and chic. Our selection includes wedding dresses from talented boutique designers and our designers private labels produced by some of the highest regarded dressmakers around the world. A place where the latest bridal trends and the highest quality gowns without an extravagant cost is a passion.

Brides have their own personal stylist to provide the best customer service and shopping experience. Each Bride is provided informative dress options to find what she loves for one of the biggest fashion days of her life, her wedding day.

Our Bridal Gowns prices range from $180 to $ 1500. Custom and One-of-a-Kind dresses range from $ 300 to $3500. 

Alterations and Fittings

Savilerow Wedding Dress
Savilerow Wedding Dress
Savilerow Wedding Dress
Savilerow Wedding Dress

Our team will ensure each and every bride finds the dress she loves and that is delivered with a perfect fit. All of our bridal gowns include in-house alterations with our master seamstress. Here is where the dress is adjusted in all those subtle areas to look flawless on her. It is our philosophy and practice that a bridal gown is only complete once it fits the bride perfectly.

Any gown can be modified or changed to accommodate your wishes in fabrications or style. This means things such as gown color, neckline, and sleeves are not limited to the samples in the store. These options are available to the Bride to suit her personal style.

Our custom wedding dress design and production capability offers brides virtually every option of style and detail. An opportunity to work extensively with fashion designer and master seamstress and our dressmakers to craft the one of a kind dream dress.

As courtesy for finding your dress, the fittings and alterations are $100to $350 and around half what most other places charge.  

Time and Delivery

Savilerow Wedding Boutique
Savilerow Wedding Boutique
Savilerow Wedding Boutique

The time frame for ordering your bridal gown is 1 month to ensure proper time for delivery and fittings.

Once the Bride selects the specialty wedding dress she loves, a full set of the bride’s measurements is taken. When the dress arrives, the Bride is scheduled for two fittings and the perfect fitting dress is delivered.

In addition, several as new sample dresses are available for off-the rack purchase.

We also offer “rush order” service in the event you require your gown quickly.